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LJ has finally added an application for use on my iPhone! The other sites - Facebook, MySpace - had apps and now so does LJ.

Maybe I will start getting back into posting on LJ since I can now do it from my phone, especially since I now spend a lot of time using my phone - Twitter is addictve! : )

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House's Head

Monsters vs. Aliens

Posted on 2009.03.27 at 21:06
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I went and saw "Monsters vs. Aliens"  in IMAX 3D this afternoon.  I really enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend it - especially if you can see it in IMAX 3D!

Little Moments
Posted on 2008.07.27 at 13:05
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Last week was a hectic week with work, several appointments, and then finally getting my Invisalign braces.  It was stressful for the first couple of days with the braces learning to take them out correctly (putting them back in was easy) but I think that I finally have got the hang of it!!!!
Bernie and her family are headed to Yellowstone today.  Sasha is going with them.  They are planning on driving through to Salt Lake City today and then heading to Yellowstone tomorrow.  I thought about meeting them at Yellowstone but since I am planning on heading back out to LA sometime before years end I probably should not spend anymore vacation time and money on traveling right now.  I hope that they have a good time.
I broke down and bought a Wii.  I am planning on setting it up later today.


Eastwood's in Town

Posted on 2008.07.15 at 20:47
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Clint Eastwod is in town filming his new movie "Gran Torino".  They filmed in Grosse Pointe Shores yesterday and are due in my city sometime in the near future. 
The movie's storyline supposedly revolves around a Hmong teenager who steals Clint's Gran Torino.  My city has a large Hmong community and there is a Hmong church just around the corner from me.  It would be very interesting if they do any filming near my house.

Wilson's Heart

...... and the horses.

Posted on 2008.07.09 at 20:59
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It has been quite awhile (again) since I posted anything.  Basically it has been because between caring for the family-assisting my dad during his recovery from bypass surgery, caring for my animals, and of course my job, I am just too tired to write anything.  I have no problem reading and enjoying what others post, I just do not have enough brain power left to think of anything that I feel is worthwhile to say here. So I am forcing myself to write this for whatever it is worth (probably not much).

I have not seen very much of Krystal and Jessica this summer.  Jess is working and taking summer classes. Krystal is working pretty much non-stop either at the water park, the casino or baby-sitting for Janice.  They are trying to save up spending money for their return to school in August.  They will finally be done with classes in December.

Jo invited me down to Kentucky next weekend but with the high gas prices a round trip to Lexington with my truck would cost more than a round trip plane ticket back out to LA....and I would rather go back to LA.  I missed Sasha's ballet performance by one week last month.  I told her that I would definitely come out for her next perfomance which will be this winter so I will skip going to Lexington and head back to LA later in the year. 

Dave called over the weekend.  He will be coming in from Wichita in September and wants to get a group together to go up to Indian River and Traverse City.  That sounds like fun and we can split the cost of the gas......

And finally, I thought that I would include some pictures of my two Quarter Horse mares - Stormy#2 and April.  Stormy is the black mare. She is 14 and descended from War Admiral.  April is the old lady at 28.

Wilson's Heart
Posted on 2008.06.26 at 21:01
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There has been so much happening since I got back from LA that I have not had time to really post anything until now. 
My dad was in the hospital for four days.  He had bypass surgery, is now home and doing very well. 
My cousin Larry is back home from Iraq!!!!
My niece got engaged over the weekend - congrats to Mimi - Steve is a great guy!
My co worker Janine also got engaged - congrats to Janine!
I was supposed to get my Invisalign braces but there has been a delay so I will not get them for another 4 weeks : (

And on a very sad note my sister Cissy's dog Shadow died today. Shadow was a Border Collie that Cissy got from a Border Collie rescue group quite a few years ago.  He was old and suffering from kidney disease among other senior ailments.  He was a very good dog and he will be missed.

Wilson's Heart H/Cu

Follow-up to filming at College of the Canyons

Posted on 2008.06.16 at 19:08
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 Here are 2 photos that Bernie took with her cell of the signs used at College of the Canyons when they were filming part of a House episode there in May.  They are not the best photos but what can you expect when you accidently leave your cell phone in your pants pocket and then put them in the washing machine : )  at least the phone still works...


Wilson's Heart

Emmy Screening Series - "House"

Posted on 2008.06.16 at 18:16
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I am back from LA where I attended the LA Times/Envelope Screening Series for House.  It was a very exciting, fun, and interesting evening.  I meet some very wonderful people while waiting in line to check-in.  We each received the House pin - actually a magnet - that I think a lot of people are trying to get.  Sasha also had a House sticker on her seat which she gave to me.  Thank you Sasha!

I was lucky enough to get seats in Row B for myself and Bernie.  Sasha and Panda were seated in Row N.  Although we were told that cameras were not allowed in people were using cell phones and digital camcorders to record the evenings events.  Panda used Sasha's cell to take a few photos. Here is the best one of the lot:


The program started about 10 minutes late as we waited for the stars to arrive.  It does not suprise me that they were late as traffic was awful that evening, especially on Sunset.  A representative from the LA Times then announced that "House was in the house" and the program began with the showing of "Wilson's Heart" on the big screen where it looked fantastic!

After that Robert Sean Leonard, Katie Jacobs, David Shore, Omar Epps, Gale Tattersall, and Hugh Laurie came down and took their seats.  The moderator asked quite a few questions and then opened up the floor for several questions from the audience.

During the discussions we learned the Hugh Laurie likes the character of Greg House - he would say that the loved him but Hugh thought that did not sound right : ) He said that he never tires of the character but that he does get tired from working (but then we all do).

Robert Sean Leonard said that the show had great guest stars.

Katie Jacobs said that she did not see any of Hugh's previous film roles prior to seeing his audition tape. She said that they told Hugh's agent to tell Hugh not to shave when he met with them for an audition.

David Shore stated that Fox wanted a younger character in the role of Greg House  - someone in his mid-30's  - so that was how it was written in the script but they were in actuality looking for someone in his 40's.

Omar Epps was upset that he was missing the Lakers game :) and joked about it. He also said that doing the show in 8 days and keeping in character was them just putting their heads down and doing it.

Gale Tattersall said that he did not know why he was there - he felt like the plumber
: )

Hugh also said that he felt apprehensive for Lisa Edelstein when she had to do the strip scene but that she had the courage of a lion and did a remarkable job.

The program ended about 9:30pm.  Hugh left rather quickly to avoid a mob scene (I do not blame him at all).

When Bernie and I were leaving the parking structure we had to wait in line to pay at the ticket booth.  I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that Robert Sean Leonard was in his car right behind us. He had his car window rolled down.  I stopped myself from yelling "Hey, Wilson" out the window.  He was driving a very conservative car - exactly the type of car Wilson would probably drive.  So I think that he shares some of Wilson's characteristics : )


Emmy Screening Series at the Arclight - I'm LA Bound

Posted on 2008.06.10 at 18:20
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I am packing my bags for another trip to LA!  I leave tomorrow morning and will be attending the Emmy Screening Series for "House" on Thursday, June 12th.  I had e-mailed the LA Times when the announcement for the series was made and I was lucky enough to receive a response stating that my name had been added to the guest list!

Now the response also states that there is no guarantee of a seat and the seats are first-come/first-served.  I hope to get there early enough to ensure that I do get in. Bernie was also lucky enough to get a response and get on the guest list so we will be there together although she has to stop at UCLA first so she will get there later than I do. 

I contacted Maret at the LA Times and was informed that cameras are not allowed at the Screening.  No pictures can be taken except by the photographer hired by the LA Times. It would have been nice to be able to take my camera in to the Screening but I can understand their position. 

I will be staying at Bernie's for most of the weekend but I will also be visiting with Sasha in West Hollywood on Friday night - staying over until Saturday or maybe even Sunday.  Sasha's place is closer to the airport than Bernie's but Bernie and her family want me back at their place for Saturday night... hmm...decisions.....decisions, but a pleasant one to make : )

I fly back home on Sunday. 

Tomorrow is Hugh Laurie's birthday - StoLat and Happy Birthday to Mr. Hugh Laurie!!!



Posted on 2008.06.04 at 23:34
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WOOHOO!!!!!  The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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